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Azhar Mustapha CTO and Cofounder at EMStartups.AI

Azhar is CTO/Cofounder of EMStartups.AI. EMStartups is an AI powered due diligence & monitoring platform to supplement/disrupt present day coverage centric of startups with four differentiating attributes, and they become our present 'moat.'
1. Startup sentiment engagement (with 'noise reduction') in time series candlestick will show patterns, reactions to posts, competitor chatter, red flags, etc.
2. Knowledge grid on Startup shows a matrix in heatmap format of the external environment the startup operates: regulatory, environment, governance, partners, etc.
3. Knowledge grid of the founders shows a matrix in heatmap format of the external envrionment that are relevant to stakeholders like regulators, investors, customers, etc, ie, potential red flags.
4. Understanding the role of influencers, both social media and Web, for reach and engagement to connect with the right one to create awareness of the startups and its products/services.

Azhar Kassim Mustapha is the director of Nervesis, Malaysia (http://www.nervesis.com). Azhar architects ZYGY, Nervesis’ core technology based on Artificial Intelligence technology using Text Intelligence and Intelligent Agent to accelerate human intelligence.

ZYGY is a platform that forms vital interconnected findings far beyond human speed by self-analyzing corporate, public or personal texts in web, social media, systems and documents based on a user's expected needs.

Azhar also has a keen interest on marketing where he structures smart partnerships and he designs marketing initiatives revolves around content marketing. One of the smart partnerships Azhar has landed is with a major Telco, Telekom Malaysia.

Azhar is a graduate of the highly prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA, where he received his Bachelor of Science and Master in Engineering degrees in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. Azhar has a total of three Patents to his name - one in the US with COMSAT Laboratories (now part of Lockheed Martin) and two in Malaysia – in the areas of underwater communication and compression, speech recognition and hardware interpreter/translator technologies.

In addition to his role as the CEO of Nervesis, Azhar was also a Research Specialist at Multimedia University of Malaysia (MMU), where he led a team conducting advanced research and development (R&D) work funded by the Matsushita Corporation of Japan. Azhar has written and published numerous scientific papers at the International level.


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